Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thrifty find Repurposed! when you look at a spring form cake pan what do you see??? 
Since I'm not really a baker I see something totally differnt than most...
I snagged up the worn out spring form pans for a cool $4 at a yardsale knowing exactly what I was going to do.
I know some of you have seen these before...but I took mine a step further as I tend do.  I not only painted the candlesticks but I gave the worn out pans a thrifty makeover using alcohol inks.
I first Painted the pans a black/silverish color with alcohol inks...but found it was too dark so I went back over with the reds, oranges, touch of black and copper metallic to give me a copper look.
I also painted the candlesticks a greenish/turquoise color (sorry I forgot to take pics of some of the painting steps, I was engrossed in the moment) Then dry brushed a copper glaze paint. LOVE!
On the spring latches I used the alcohol inks in the blue shades to create the same color as my candlesticks. And I aslo painted the inside of the pans the same as the latches for interest.
Use E6000 to glue the candlesticks to the pans...
Now it's ready for my paints...
Love the contrast between the copper look and the turquoise!
No it's not crooked...I tilted my camera on not the best! (sorry for the shadows)
But I just love, love, love how it turned out and I can't wait to put it in my new art studio (hopefully that will be soon).
So just remember....when thrifting or browsing yardsales try to see things in a differnt way, they just may turn out to be useful!
Happy Pickin'
Christy and Trent
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Sunday, November 4, 2012


Wow Peeps!
I hadn't realized it's been so long since I've blogged and I apologize. Especially for this long post too!
 But I had a wedding to plan and that takes up a lot of time and energy. 
 But it was worth it.
We got married on Sept. 21st. and took a long needed honeymoon.
Now I'm back and ready to work.
Okay so to back track.....
My mom and I went to the Endless yardsale in August which starts in Gadsden Alabama and goes for miles and miles.
Check out the pics!
This is black beauty (my truck) parked on the side of the road. I had to get her pic because without her I'd have no way to haul my goods home!
This was the back of Black Beauty after we were finished with 4 days of Endless yardsale.  And there are things stuffed inside of things. There was no room left in this truck I tell you!
This went on for four days straight of junkin'/pickin' and searching for that one vintage piece you can't live without!
Now here are some of the items that I scored....
These were all for my bestie vintage buddy as her prize! She loved them! That is her signature color BTW.
Wooden propellers and such for altered art projects....
Here are some metal embroidery hoops (u dont' see metal too much anymore)
Vintage clip board....LOOOVVVEEEE! Couldn't pass it up!
Vintage slides...I NEVER pass these up...NEVER! fav of all time..This vintage butter churn. Yes it is missing some pieces but a complete one sold for $125 and I scored this one for only $35 which was fine since I just wanted to display it.
AND this is the living room after I unloaded, so yes the pics of my finds were just a few in a long list of scores.  NOTICE da husband on the sofa checking out the slides I brought home.  He loved digging thru all my finds. Normally he is my sidekick on these type of shopping sprees but I went for an entire week so he had to work! :(
I hope you liked checking out my Endless yardsale trip. If you haven't been you really should go. The trick is to be patient, have fun, don't get in a hurry and not to worry about how you look because it is HOTTTTT. By the end of the day you are hot, sweaty and dirty so all you want is a bath and bed.
I can't wait until next year!
Happy Pickin'
Christy Bourgeois!
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ENDLESS Yardsale!

Hi Pickin Peeps! Today I'm coming to you from Gadsden, Alabama. The Start of the Endless Yardsale. Yep, you heard me right. I'm roadtrip'n for the next week with my mommy and we are gonna have tons of fun. I can't wait to share lots of pics and treasures with you as the week goes on! So Stay tuned
Happy Pickin'

Monday, July 30, 2012

Engagement Photo Shoot

Here are a few pics from our engagement Photo shoot today!

My brother was the photographer

and I did some editing/photo tricks


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vintage finds repurposed

A few weeks ago I snagged this very tall shutter for only $8

Knowing exactly what I wanted to do with it I took it home

This is the way I bought it

Then I spray painted it white
sanded the edges
 added photos to display at the wedding.
  I'm still not finished
 I want to add a glass door knob
(they already have a hole for one)
and maybe a burlap bow

On the same shopping trip
 I picked up these three cool electrical thingys
 with intentions of using them as candle bases.

  But the paint was very very flakey.
 Everytime I picked one up
 paint chips were every where. 

 How do you solve that?

Clear coat protective spray

Add a hurricane globe and candle and tada!

And I have been wanting some vintage frogs to hold pics but haven't come across any
Until I found these at my local craft store

So I bought them, spay painted them very lightly and sanded edges

I will use these at the wedding as well. Love!

Sometimes you see a piece and know exactly what to do with it
And sometimes you don't
But if it speaks to you
just buy it

Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY Wooden Head

What do you do with some of those awesome treasures that you find while junkin'?

You turn them into something else right?

Here is the foam head that I scored last week while vintage shopping.

Me being the crafty person that I am, wanted to do a DIY wooden head project.

So here we go

a foam head
old sewing pattern
stain color of choice

Start by putting modpodge on a large area of the head

then tear pieces of the pattern making sure to get most of the lines and words since that is the best part.
(that is what makes your head look more like a crash test dummy) lol!

So you spread on the modpodge
lay the pattern down in the modpodge
then paint some more modpode over the pattern completely covering all of the pattern
don't worry, if you don't know this....It dries clear!

This is the look after most of the modpodge finished drying
And you could stop here if you like this look but i'd paint the head before you modpodge the pattern because you can see the styrofoam thru the pattern.

then you start to paint on your stain

I just painted it on and let it dry like that
(it took several days)

But you could paint it on and wipe it off and get a totally different look too i'd imagine
(experiment! That's always fun!)

So here it is after about 3 days.
It came out just the way I wanted

Here it is on top of my cabinets in my kitchen. 
He will end up in my studio of course
(I don't have one yet but it's coming soon)

I think I'll hunt for another head and try a completely different look on that one.
Let me know if you transform one of your own!

And if you haven't gotten a chance yet to check out my craft/art blog you can do so HERE. I have an awesome DIY Crystal tree on today!

Happy Pickin'

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