Sunday, June 17, 2012

A couple of Favorites and A couple awesome finds!

So this week I wanted to share with you a couple of my favorite pieces and a couple of great finds. 

I've been having these two for a while now and the more I use them the more I love them.

This first one is a card catalog that my parents actually picked up for me in Texas last year.  I had been wanting one and they got this one for an amazing price so we couldn't pass it up.  I truly wanted one in a darker color but this would do.  There is always stain, right?

I have it set up in the garage for now (because our house is small) but hopefully in a few months we will be in a new larger house and this will definitely be going in my studio.

Believe it or not you can put tons and tons of stuff in those drawers.  LOVE!

And a few years ago I picked up this vintage strawberry basket while thrifting and I had it proudly displayed above my kitchen cabinets. 

 Recently I got it down and actually started using it.

 I use it to gather all the art/craft supplies that I will need for a specific project so that everything is in one place. 

I LOVE using this for all of my goodies. 

Do you have anything vintage treasures that you use from day to day in a different way?

Would love to hear your sweet stories.

Now onto my two recent finds. 

Last weekend I went to a couple of church fundraiser garage sales and snatched up a couple of things.

This is a pie/cake/goodie stand.  It was only $2.

I plan to paint it black and add two new white plates to transform this to a modern updated look.

Then sell it. lol!

But I love the lines and presence the swirls make known. I just may have to keep this piece once I redo it!  We'll see.

And I thougth this was interesting.  It's a candle holder that would probably go down the center of a table or on top of a bar.  I can see it during the holidays with lots of candles and greenery stashed in and underneath. 

And best of all, it didn't need anything but a little screw tightening.

And it was only $5. And this is a big piece.

So In the am I'm off to Tenessee with the honeybear and the kiddos for a roadtrip vaca.  I'm hoping that somewhere along the way we might find some junky place to stop and find some treasures.  Wish me luck and i'll let you know what I find.

Happy Pickin'
Christy and Trent

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  1. I have almost the same card catalogue and have used them to store a bottle of wine in each one

  2. ...fabulous finds and loVe the strawberry basket, great craft storage...Mel :)

  3. That is a wonderful piece. You will find many uses for the drawers I am sure. Thanks so much for coming over to the party. Have a wonderful week ahead!!

  4. I love the card catalogue ... I have been looking for one for ages :) Just not sure WHERE I would put it ... I'm running (actually, I've RUN) out of space! LOL!

  5. I have have almost the same box listed on my store. The difference is mine comes from Cape Cod and is called a cranberry basket. I'm assuming it's from ocean spray country. I grew up in that area and it has been one of those things that's moved and moved until I decided to list it. Take a look on

  6. You are so lucky to have found the card catalog. I'm lucky enough to have come upon a bunch of library furniture but that was the one piece missing. I used all the pieces in my sewing room. I do love my map drawers.

    Also, I got one of the plate servers and used mine as key storage but I do like your idea of using to serve food.

    enJOYed your post. Found you at 1929 Charmer.

  7. Thank you everyone for all the sweet comments. I do read each and every one and they make me smile.

  8. Wonderful thrifty pickin's. I adore that card catalog and would love to find one someday at a decent price, they really are pricey around here. I could fill up those awesome drawers in no time at all. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. I used to love going to the library as a kid and flipping through the cards in those old wonderful wooden card catalogues--so glad to see that you have one and are putting it to good use! I also really like the swirly metal pie holder and your ideas for updating it--I think it will be very pretty.

  10. Hey Christy, you had me with the pickin in your blog title. I am such a picker myself. Just love digging and finding treasures. Your card cabinet is fabulous! I love anything with drawers and numbers. You found some other fun items also. I got to have a pickin adventure last weekend and will be getting to go back and pick another building this weekend. This girl is in the heighth of glory. I have a linky party, Share Your Cup Thursday. I would love if you shared somethime. Now a new follower and I hope you find some fun stuff in Tenn.

  11. Love that card catalogue, it's amazing - that's going to be so much fun, filling it up with stuff !
    Thanks for stopping by my place - following you back !

  12. I love the card catalog- I have been wanting one of those for years now! Where in Texas did y'all find it? (I'm in Texas : o )

  13. Wow!! To find a card catalog like that is amazing -- they are sure hard to come by (at least affordable ones!) I have a lot of vintage tea cups and saucers that I display but also use every day. I don't believe in just letting them collect dust -- everyone always feels so pampered when they have coffee or tea with them!

  14. that's a great size card catalog and i like that its up on legs, cant wait to see it when you redo it!

  15. So many wonderful finds, I just love the card file. Great blog and even more great ideals. Thanks for sharing.

  16. thanks for sharing your treasures at cap creations. Yep there is always stain and now it comes in so many colors. Great piece you got there!